Olivia Mawson

Operations Administrator

Olivia Mawson

Olivia Mawson

What do you do at MARL?

I work within Purchasing, Accounts, Production Control and Sales. My main tasks are Sales Order Processing, Scheduling Sales Orders into Production, Processing Invoices, Order Progressing.




How long have you worked at MARL?

2 years.


What’s your specialty?

Sales order processing: I process orders, pro formas and sample requests, take payments, order scheduling, amend orders, and set up new accounts.


What’s the best thing about working at MARL?

The opportunities to develop new skills and grow my role.


Outside of work, what do you do for fun?

I enjoy clothes shopping as well as spending time with family, friends and my lovely dog!


What’s your favourite song?

There are too many to choose from!


What’s your favourite TV Show or movie?

Peaky Blinders or Dynasty.


What’s a little known secret you’re willing to reveal?

I hate spiders!


Random MARL fact

The first LED suitable for commercialisation was produced in 1962 by Professor Nick Holonyak, of General Electric, (USA)

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