Lighting a ship for the defence market comes with a particular set of challenges.  For example, the internal environment and needs can often change while out to sea as the missions and environments change, and space for spares can be limited.

The MARL Maritime Lighting range is designed with a modular approach to provide more flexibility and allow spares to be managed more efficiently.

Multiple light types use the same internal modules.  This reduces the number of on-board spares required as one spare module can be compatible with several different luminaires, saving space.

Image: General Luminaire internals


Internally, the luminaires are designed for easy removal, installation or replacement of modules without requiring the skills of an on-board electrician, simplifying personnel needs.

The modular approach also means that a luminaire not originally fitted with a particular functionality, for example emergency lighting, can be upgraded simply by adding the corresponding module, more easily accommodating the changing requirements while in service.

General Luminaire Battery Pack Module

Image:  Luminaire Battery Pack Module

Modularity is achieved without compromising on the things that matter: the light quality, energy efficiency and ruggedisation that MARL products are known for.

For more information on the benefits of modularity in Maritime Lighting, see the Maritime Modularity Concept Whitepaper by the UK Ministry of Defence.

For more information on MARL's Modular Maritime Defence Lighting range, please contact [email protected].

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