The brief

Asphalt Zipper is a US-based manufacturer of road repair vehicles. The powerful machines are also used to rip up asphalt - or tarmac, as we call it in the UK - for utility trenching.

After searching for an indicator to be used on its machine's internal interface, Asphalt Zipper selected MARL's 677 series LED panel indicator for its ability to withstand high vibrations and its sunlight-readable capabilities.

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The component

The 677 series LED panel indicator lamp is a robust, resilient, high-performance product designed and manufactured in-house at MARL.

Waterproof, vandal-proof, sealed and able to withstand shock and high vibration, it is used in some of the harshest environments on land, sea and in the air, including defence applications.

The high-intensity LED lamp is sunlight-readable, meaning it is easily visible in day and night conditions.

The 677 series LED panel indicator lamp is made with high grade aluminium with a black anodised finish. Its smoked lens also provides a strong on/off contrast ratio.

The result

The customer was highly satisfied with the product and routinely makes repeat orders.

An Asphalt Zipper representative said: "The MARL 677 series LEDs hold up really well in our high vibration application. They are easy to see even from far away and in the sun. They also endure rain, sun, grease and impact, and keep on working.


'Using the 677 series LEDs was a great decision and we haven’t looked back.'

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