What is it?

MARL's Bulkhead is a well-established indication product. Created more than 20 years ago, the product remains a popular choice for  the UK’s rail network.

Available to a variety of colours at 110V ac/dc or 240V ac/dc, the lights contain 44 long-lasting LEDs configured in a dual redundancy circuit

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Who is it used by?

The Bulkhead is a staple of the rail industry. It is typically used as an end of the line reference point on buffer stops.

Network Rail  approved, the Bulkhead is amongst a selection of Network Rail-approved products.

Our rail customers include Network Rail, Great Western Railway, Transport for London and many more rail franchises.

How was it made?

Designed to be robust, the Rail Bulkhead is accepted for use as a buffer stop or barrow crossing indicator.

Available in a wide variety of voltage ranges and colours. The standard Bulkhead is available as an industrial product and comes in green, blue, yellow, red and white. 

A versatile product, the Bulkhead can be easily operated and wired into any system a customer is using. It can also be integrated with existing sensors and switches.

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