Marl wins Amtrak Contract

May 2008
1 minute read

Marl have established a sales agreement with the US railroad operator Amtrak, under which our LED downlighters are being installed in Superliner 1 diner carriages as part of their conversion to diner lounges.

The contract was awarded on the basis of the energy efficiency of our illumination solutions, as well as the ease of installation. Graham Round, Vice President of Sales of Marl Opto Inc, said, "Marl's high intensity LEDs are easy to install, require no maintenance, create very little heat and are excellent in high vibration applications such as train coaches. We have been able to meet all the applicable US railroad safety regulations, especially those covering emergency lighting. In the event of total power loss, Marl LEDs can continue to provide illumination for four hours from the back-up battery."

Marl LEDs also offer a very long service life, and the products supplied to Amtrak have a rated continuous service life of 70,000 hours. Amtrak is to install 24 of these lights into each refurbished Superliner dining car.

About Amtrak

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