Marl LEDs take to the catwalk

Marl LEDs take to the catwalk

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Couture Clubbing, an exquisite clothing design company for high-end events, lit up their unique Heavenly Order dress design with LEDs from Marl International and showcased alongside other 'dresses of light' to celebrate the fusion of light and fashion.

Arrays of dazzling and prestigious garments designed by Amy Winters and Kseniya Zagorodnyuk were on show for the launch of their new company, Couture Clubbing. One of these included a unique helix shaped band wrapped around one of the models which was illuminated with Marl LEDs.

"We were delighted with the striking effects that the LEDs created, they provided a much stronger and brighter colour than previous options we'd tried," said Amy Winters, Creative Director of Couture Clubbing. "All of the outfits created for this event were themed around the concept of 'Paradise Lost' and tell a unique story. The helix shaped 'Heavenly Order' represented the solar system so it had to be very bright and striking, which we achieved thanks to Marl's LEDs."

Adrian Rawlinson, managing director of Marl International commented, "We are very pleased to have been approached for inclusion at such an important event and were amazed by the stunning effects that were created by Couture Clubbing. LEDs are becoming more and more popular in many varying sectors due to the high quality illumination produced and their longevity, yet they are still lower in energy consumption than other available lighting options."

About Couture Clubbing

'Couture Clubbing' is the innovative idea brought about by two Central Saint Martins graduates Amy Winters and Kseniya Zagorodnyuk. Professionally they were trained in costume/set/art direction and upon graduation they formed a fashion-entertainment label.

Kseniya worked for Alexander McQueen womenswear and menswear and for Antony McDonald, assisting on designing productions for Royal Opera House and Scottish Ballet. Amy worked on various theatre productions as a set and costume designer and in music videos and short films in art direction

'Couture Clubbing' creates clothes for high-end nightclubs and other glamorous red-carpet events. Unique pieces are created for special events including fashion galas, concerts, award ceremonies and music videos. We incorporate luxury textiles with innovative fabrics that react to light, sound and atmosphere.

We have produced several shows in luxurious venues in London including 'Movida', '24', 'Sketch' and 'Dolce'. We have also showcased at the launch of Dublin's first Science Gallery for the event 'Light Wear' which celebrated the use of light in fashion, providing a platform to showcase the fusion of light technology with visually stunning garments.