Marshalls installs energy efficient Marl LED floodlights

Marl Floodlights at Hoops Basketball Centre

March 2013
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Hoops Basketball Centre reports 80% plus energy saving from new exterior floodlights

LED lighting transforms the sports hall at Northern England private school

A new range of efficient LED floodlighting from Marl International is providing schools, colleges and sports centres with energy savings of 50-80%, improving the ambiance and cutting maintenance costs too. A basketball club realised even higher energy savings of over 80% after replacing standard SON floodlights with LED floodlights that are not only more efficient but also better directed onto key areas.

Marl International Bay Range LED floodlights provide an efficient, flexible light source for interior sports halls and outdoors on sports fields and courts. Energy efficient 772, 773 and 774 series floodlights from the Marl Bay Range have single, double and triple modules for targeted illumination with low light pollution and wastage. In addition to the energy savings, they provide clear white light giving a better ambiance particularly indoors, and a long life of at least 50,000 hours.

Marl has recently completed installations of the new floodlights outside at Hoops Basketball Centre, Barrow-in-Furness and indoors in the sports hall at Abbey Gate College in Cheshire. At the Hoops Centre, Marl fitted eight 30W and two 90W floodlights around the outside of the building, replacing twelve 350W SON fixtures. The new fixtures are much more efficient, and better targeted onto the emergency exit routes rather than the surrounding grass. According to Hoops Basketball Centre Manager, Ian France, "The installation gives us an immediate energy saving of over 80%, as well as a reduction in maintenance cost as the new lights need replacing less often. We're also impressed with the quality of the lights. The security CCTV images are much improved because the LED floodlights are whiter. We are looking at installing an extra light to illuminate the car park."

sports hall

Marl Floodlights at Abbey Gate College sports hall

Commenting on the installation of LED lights inside the sports hall at one of the North of England's most prestigious independent schools, Abbey Gate College, Cheshire, Business Manager Andrew Bache said, "The real appeal of Marl LED lights for us is the convenience and improvement in the environment. Though the sodium lights were adequate for football and gymnastics, the hall is also used for examinations and social events. We were able to dramatically increase the light level in the hall, ensuring the corners as well as the central area is brightly lit. The LED lights are much whiter and very much more even, since the output of the sodium lamps degrades noticeably as they age."

In addition to improving the appearance, the new lights offered cost savings in several areas, as Mr Bache explained. "The sodium lights took about 20 minutes to warm up, so were normally left on all day. Now we can just switch them on when we arrive and off when we leave."

Different colour temperatures and optical configurations can be selected for varying light distances and intensities making them an excellent solution for sports halls and arenas, recreational and public areas, marquees, perimeter fencing, gardens and car parks. Motion and dusk to dawn sensors can be integrated and the instant illumination with no warm-up time required saves on unnecessary light-on time. All three floodlights feature robust casing and are fully sealed to IP67 standard for total protection against dust, temporary immersion of water and to safeguard against vandalism, extreme weather conditions and reduce maintenance costs of replacing broken lights.

These super bright floodlights use the latest LED technology with a luminous efficacy of 83.3 to 94.2 lumens/Watt from an 110V-27V AC mains supply. With a single module, the 772 Series dimensions are 300 x 93 x 223mm and weighs 2.8kg; the double module 773 Series is 300 x 193 x 253 and weighs 4.7kg; and the triple module 774 Series is 300 x 293 x 253, weighing 6kg.