A letter from one of our customers - with an unusual application...

June 2015
3 minute read

Here at Marl, we supply to an ever-varying range of applications; from aerospace to defence, general lighting to industrial, and more recently, rail - but not in the way you might think...

Meet Martyn; one of our valued customers. When he asked us if we could provide lighting for his extremely specialist rail application, we were more than happy to oblige.

"Gardening is a chore, even in my modest little plot in rural Bedfordshire. But I have found motivation to get myself outdoors and have a reason for weeding better than simply keeping it tidy. A few years ago, when I was instructed by the Domestic Authorities to rebuild the garden (bless her), I negotiated to incorporate a 'G Scale' model railway and so was born the 'Ferrocarril Val de Martyn', which aims to represent a metre gauge secondary line in Catalunya in the early 1960s."

garage working goods train model1 model2

model3 model4

"I am possibly the only nutter in the UK, who models Spanish railways in my garden!

One of my earliest memories as a small boy was standing on a bridge in the Model Village in Great Yarmouth, with tinplate trains rattling beneath my feet and half a century on, I have been able to recreate something similar for myself. In one of my former lives, I served as a railway officer in the Army and so I have always been a bit of a railway buff, and an unplanned early retirement now lets me indulge myself in miniature. The railway is to an approximate scale of 1:22.5 and has about 100 metres of line.

Though watching my trains weave through the garden is very satisfying, my greater interest is to attempt to create an authentic Spanish railway atmosphere and to this end, I manufacture my own buildings and lineside models using mainly household bits and foam board - the sort of material used for shopfront signage, which is resistant to both rain and sunlight. I had originally installed a few lights in these so that I could run trains into the evening but small traditional incandescent bulbs are not best suited to surviving outside in the English climate and so I had decided to investigate LEDs, which I hoped would save me having to crawl about to replace them. Crawling is not as easy as it once was."

I contacted Marl International to see if they produced any lamps small enough to fit inside my models to my delight and immense gratitude, Katie Higgins, Marl's Business Development Assistant, arranged for a very welcome batch of incandescent bulb replacement lamps to be made and sent to me and so over the last winter, these have found their way into my latest models. In fact they have inspired me to be more creative, from modelling interior scenes to be glimpsed through lit windows, to my model art deco cinema, which recycles bits from a defunct network router!

Katie had told me that as well as producing lamps for full-sized railways, one or two of her colleagues at Marl shared my enthusiasm for trains and so I have taken a few recent snaps to show them how well the new lamps have enabled me (I hope) to depict a little Catalan station on a lazy, warm evening. Nice people, great lamps; now, if only they could help me reproduce the Spanish weather too...!"

-- Martyn Witt
Marl LED Enthusiast and Model Railway Technician Extraordinaire

Marl provided 212 Series Incandescent Bulb Replacements for Martyn's Model Railway. The small size of the lamps allowed for easy fixture into the existing holders in the model street lamps, shops and buildings.

Download the 212 Series Datasheet

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