News (July 2015)

'Above everything the Marl brand is all about relationships..'

July 2015
Most people in the electronics industry recognise Marl as one of the pioneers in the industry. Over the past four decades the Marl brand has become synonymous with the application of the leading edge…

The people behind the technology: Conner Atkinson

July 2015
Conner, our CNC Apprentice, has now been with Marl for the past 2 years. Although Conner hasn't been with us long, he has grown into a vital member of the marl team helping to run and operate…

Video: One minute with Tom Silber, CEO, Bivar Inc.

July 2015
Tom Silber, CEO of Bivar Inc, discusses the Marl-Bivar strategic alliance and how together the two companies can offer the highest quality products and services to the LED lighting market.

Marl and Nanoco continue to improve CFQD® Quantum Dot LED lighting products

July 2015
In March 2015, Marl announced a partnership with Nanoco Technologies to produce high-efficiency LED lighting with high colour performance using cadmium-free CFQD® Quantum Dot technology; a world first…

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