Find Out Why Our Customers Think The New High Performance Remote Phosphor Bulbs Are 'Eggscellent'!

A ‘Kinder Egg’: non-illuminated remote phosphor BA15D style LED

June 2017
1 minute read

Affectionately named the ‘Kinder Egg’ by some of the Marl Team, in reality this is a serious technical development; creating a seriously innovative bulb replacement product which can potentially benefit a number of serious applications.

Designed specifically to replace BA15D style filament bulbs, the Marl device is particularly effective at replicating both the colour range and optical characteristics, including wide viewing angle, of the conventional technology (see photo below).

One of the first applications has been for DLR (Docklands Light Railway) to replace the filament bulbs in ‘BIL’ Lights (Body Side Indicator Lights), which are fitted in pairs adjacent to the doors on the exterior of the carriage. The problem was two fold. There was insufficient contrast between amber and white status indication (they use the same bulb), exacerbated by premature lamp failure through excessive heat generation, which melted the diffuser lens and accelerated premature failure.

remote phosphor

LED sub-assembly with blue emitter chips and the high quality white light created with the lens combination

The main benefit from the remote phosphor LED lamp is the neutral / warm white spectral output @3,000K which means DLR only need to stock one lamp type for the full fleet replacement. Key features include resistance to vibration, low heat generation, extended white LED life (compared to conventional white LED technologies), with excellent replication of colour, intensity and illumination of many types of lenses, making this new range ideal for retrofit in a wide range of maintenance, repair, and overhaul. Integrated spike and transient protection enhance electrical circuitry and reliability. Marl supplied product for this project through their long-standing partners EAO Ltd. Although only fitted earlier in 2017 they have already received very positive feedback; Peter Fairchild, Sales Manager, commented “We think they are excellent and so does the customer!”

Contact the Sales Department for more information about this exciting new product range, which could easily be modified for replacement of other industry standard cap types to enhance and extend status indication and equipment reliability for professional and industrial applications.

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