News (November 2017)

Introducing Yuji LED Bulb and Tube Indoor Lights

November 2017
What can bring a sun-like atmosphere to your indoor space? Yuji LED Bulb and Tube Indoor Lights, high CRI LED solutions offering brightness and warmth, using only small amounts of energy. Perfectly…

Barry Sales Inc - Marl's Latest US Representative

November 2017
Graham Round, Vice President of North America Sales, recently visited our Representatives and Distributors in North America; and met with Dan Barry and Roy Jenkins of Barry Sales Inc, a solid sales…

Ivan Black and his lighting sculpture brand, Ink Lighting, use Nichia LEDs in Nebula Hive

November 2017
Ivan Black, a British sculpture artist with a talent for kinetic sculptures, recently purchased a number of Nichia LEDs for a new sculpture using light, the result being the striking Nebula Hive…

LED Component & Indicator Guide now available

November 2017
LED Component & Indicator Guide now available, for more information or to receive a copy please contact

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