Not all light is made equal

April 2018
1 minute read

High CRI full spectrum lighting can dramatically improve the appearance of objects, particularly in retail stores, shops, super-markets, museums, galleries and exhibits, where red colours are prominent and presentation and appearance are critical.

High CRI LED Lighting is ideal for areas such as hospitals or textile industries where colour differentiation is crucial in work performance.

Designed for graphic technology and photography industries, the Yuji VTC D50 Series is ideal for colour viewing, colour proof, printing lighting, and visual colour matching applications.

As a standard for colour matching applications, ISO3664:2009 specifies viewing conditions for images on both reflective and transmissive media, such as prints (both photographic and photomechanical) and transparencies, as well as images displayed in isolation on colour monitors.

Yuji VTC D50 LED is partly compliant for ISO3664:2009 on chromaticity parameters.

VTC series D50 product is based on VTC series 5000K.

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