The 537 Series: a ruggedized indicator lamp for demanding applications

June 2018
1 minute read

Combining features such as ingress protection (IP67) and sunlight readability with outstanding performance and reliability, Marl’s ultimate range of high performance Panel Indicator LEDs have been specifically designed for installation in all categories of climatic and hazardous environments; providing high intensity indication for long durations in the most demanding of applications.

Well suited to industrial applications, using a standard industrial mounting of Ø8.1mm, with a nickel plated brass housing, Marl’s 537 series is suitable for high vibration and external applications.

Featuring a coloured diffused lens offering a wide viewing angle, internal resistor and bi-polar circuitry (suitable for AC or low voltage DC in any orientation), the 537 Series offers reliable status panel indication in tough industrial environments.

Available in a range of LED colour and voltage options.