Looking back at the Spotlight on Innovation

July 2019
2 minute read

May 2019 marked the 4 year anniversary of the Spotlight on Innovation, and to celebrate we thought we would revisit some of our former participants.

Arianna Rawlinson, now Sales and Marketing Manager, was Marketing Manager when she talked to us about her role back in February 2016. Arianna celebrated her 10 year work anniversary in September last year, and decided to apply for the vacant Sales Manager role shortly beforehand. In June 2018, Arianna began her new role as Sales Manager; amalgamating this with her current role of Marketing Manager and now heads the departments as one team. Arianna says "I'm so happy that I took the leap to apply for my current role, it was out of my comfort zone but I needed a new challenge. I enjoy supporting the team, both as a team and on an individual basis. It's also nice being involved in the various customer accounts and projects each individual manages".

Katie Higgins had already progressed through the Sales team when we spoke to her in her former role as Business Development Assistant back in August 2016. Katie has now worked with Marl for 9 years, and is currently Customer Account Manager which involves being the main contact for key accounts, and being responsible for the growth and continued support of the accounts. Katie tells us "one of my favourite things about my current role is being able to establish good relationships with customers. I enjoy working on new projects in different areas, there is always something to learn. Over the last 12 months I have worked closely with my colleague to create a team to represent the Yuji brand; this has included growing the Yuji brand and incorporating it further into the Marl product offering to continue a successful partnership between Marl and Yuji. I look forward to continuing to work with Yuji in the future”.

When we spoke to former Domestic Team Member; Cath Hammond, in June 2017 her role included various domestic tasks to help maintain the site. Cath has now worked at Marl for 11 and a half years, and has seen her role change dramatically. In January 2019, Cath moved across to our Accounts Department to work as temporary Accounts Assistant before moving in May into a Purchasing Assistant role. Cath is happy to be back in an administration role and says she has gained experience and confidence in her new role, "my biggest achievement is probably people having faith in me, and I hope I have shown that I can do the job to a high standard".