YujiNourish™ FullSol Panel Grow Light

October 2019
1 minute read

YujiNourish™ FullSol Panel Grow Light uses YujiLEDs’ latest high efficacy and full-spectrum white LED, which covers the whole effective photosynthesis radiation requirements by most of the plants from 380nm to 740 nm.

This fixture meets the light requirements through the whole growth cycle from seeding to harvest.


  • 150W Power
  • 4000K CCT (custom CCT available)
  • 350 PPF (μmol/s)
  • 623 @ 0.45m (18 inch) PPFD (μmol/m²/s)
  • Dimensions (mm) 400 x 200 x 20
  • Weight in kg is 4.35
  • Expected lifespan in excess of 50,000 hours
  • Easy installation with hanging steel ropes
  • Suitable for commercial horticultural applications