Yuji Flexistrips for next day delivery

November 2019
1 minute read

Marl currently have a range of Yuji Flexistrips in stock and available for next day delivery.

This includes the best-selling RGBWW flexistrip. Fully tuneable and dimmable, the RGBWW flexistrip is capable of achieving over a million colour variations and features chips consisting of red, green, blue, warm white and cool white.

Yuji's Hybrid Flexistrip is available in 3200K/5600K or 2700K/6500K and is also fully dimmable and tuneable and can achieve a range of white light effects. Drivers to control the functionality of the flexistrips are also available from Marl.

Learn more about Yuji products, or contact our team to place an order: sales@marl.co.uk