241 Series

The Marl 241 Series is an LED incandescent replacement, designed to replace a 20W halogen with a BA15d base.

Suited to a variety of applications, the 241 Series is extremely versatile; one example of ideal application is as a downlight. The 241 series has already been used in Rail applications across the UK, around train doorframes and vestibules to provide additional illumination and therefore enhance safety for staff and passengers. The product also improves safety by not radiating heat, making the 241 Series ideal for applications where proximity to the light may be a factor.

Using leading Cree LEDs, the 241 Series operates at 12VAC/DC, drawing a maximum of 5.6W; therefore making this incandescent replacement a much more environmentally friendly and cost-effective option when compared to traditionally used halogen bulbs. As well as this, the product has inbuilt protection against spikes and transients, making the 241 Series not only cost-effective, but extremely reliable with guaranteed longevity.

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