Flush Mount Rigid Light Pipes PLPC

Our partner company; Bivar Incorporated, have launched a range of new products to compliment the PLP Series.

"Smoked" uses a material that gives a "smoked glass" look, this aesthetically appealing product is ideal for darker panels and eliminates false on's.

The material used for "Diffused" greatly reduces glare, making this product ideal for metallic or lighter-coloured panels.

In addition, Bivar have also launched the PLPC - Flush Mount, which is perfect for applications featuring overlays with no protrusion. The special front mount / countersink design allows for a broader spectrum of panel thickness options.

Finally, the PLPQ Square Light Pipe gives a cleaner, "symmetrical" look to small display applications. This low profile or flush-mount product is available in 2mm and 3mm sizes.

Due to it's increased popularity with customers Bivar Incorporated are now offering a greater selection of available lengths in both standard and metric sizes for the PLP1 and PLP2 Series.

Got a question about Bivar products? Get in touch with Karl, our Bivar expert; or call the Marl Sales Team on +44 (0)1229 582 430.