Citizen High Intensity Vivid COB

Marl International Ltd and Citizen Electronics Co. Ltd have been working together for over a decade; Citizen being the first Chip on Board (COB) manufacturer, and Marl an industry leader in the design, manufacture and distribution of LED products and systems.

Citizen focus on superior light quality and offer an extensive line-up of high reliability, performance, and efficacy products, the Citizen Selection Simulator is a great tool for selecting the right COB for your application.

The High Intensity Type in the Vivid Series is ideal for display lighting and shop windows as the products offer developed spectrum tuning technology, meaning objects appear more vivid to achieve an attractive display.

Features of the Citizen COB Series High Intensity Type:

  • These small LES (Light emitting surface) packages produce an even higher flux intensity through advanced packaging technology.
  • Suitable for luminaires with a narrow beam angle such as spot lights.
  • Space around the LES on the PCB enhances flexibility of optics design.

For more information on the Citizen Vivid Series please contact the Marl Sales Team
T 01229 582430 E