On Tuesday 28th April, Distribution Director Graham Round visited the Rural Enterprise Centre in Penrith, supported by Cumbria Rural Enterprise Agency, to present LED lighting for multiple applications, and discuss products that can help businesses make significant savings on lighting energy use and reduce their carbon footprint.

A full technology showcase was also presented, allowing delegates to get a first-hand look at leading class LED products from Marl.

The event was aimed at small and medium sized businesses in Cumbria, and covered:

  • An overview of the fast moving world of LED lighting from Marl's perspective as a UK based lighting manufacturer
  • A look at what is the current technology and future in LED lighting for multiple applications including a full technology showcase from Marl's range of high-tech lighting products
  • Overview of products that are available now to help businesses make some significant savings on their lighting energy use and reduce their environmental and carbon footprint

The event was attended by delegates from a range of small and medium sized businesses from across the Eden valley and Cumbria including a number of businesses in the hospitality, manufacturing and retail sectors.

Tom Rumsey, Environmental Advisor, CREA, was delighted with the event.

"It was great to see such a good turnout from a range of different types of businesses across Cumbria. The presentation from Marl was excellent and there was some spirited discussion at the end which was great to see. Certainly many people were interested to see that we have such a global leader in this type of high-tech industry based right here in Cumbria".

Want to learn about the benefits that LED lighting can bring to your business?

We've put together some information about how we fitted the Marl Business Hub exclusively with LED lighting. Download it here.

Or, scroll down to check out the installation that Marl did back in 2013; Marl transformed the sports hall of Abbey Gate College, Cheshire, by installing LED lighting that improved the hall environment, and provided much brighter and more even lighting that comes on instantly. Watch the video below!