Andy Botsford

Andy Botsford, our Strategic Account Area Manager, is a key member of the Marl Team when it comes to Lux Live. His extensive knowledge and experience over a 30 year career in the electronics industry and as a point of contact for one of Marl's major suppliers, Citizen Electronics (who you can find on the Marl stand K26 this year!), make Andy an invaluable fountain of knowledge!

Andy Botsford
My dog (George, the Japanese Akita), playing badminton, watching sport and cooking
Time at Marl:
2 years 10 months
Job Title:
Strategic Area Account Manager
Previous Roles:
  • 10 years as a product manager at a switch manufacturer
  • 10 years as a product manager and then business development manager at a large component distributor
  • 6 years running his own business
  • 4 years as regional sales manager then UK sales manager for another component distributor
  • Then...nearly three years at Marl!
New Business Development
Favourite part of the job:
Finding new customers

"Last year was my first visit to Lux Live, and it was so busy that we had a constant stream of visitors to the Marl stand! The first thing I did last year was to have a look around the exhibition; judging by last year, I hope I get the chance!

This year I'm looking forward to not only cementing relationships with existing customers, but meeting new customers and potential suppliers. Lux Live gives us the chance to showcase the new technology and partnership with Nanoco and I am proud to have introduced our very first customer to this new technology earlier this year."