Daniel Paixao

Dan, our Principal Design Engineer, started off as a Graduate Design Engineer; concentrating on electronic design work and shifted to Principal Design Engineering as his skills grew. After grabbing a brew in the morning, Dan supports customers and the Marl Sales Team, Production and our Surface Mount Technology Department.
Daniel Paixao
Almada, Portugal
Guitar playing (amateur), small electronic projects (personal use), long walks
Time at Marl:
3 years
Job Title:
Principal Design Engineer
Previous Roles:
Junior Design Engineer (Northern Hi-Tec, Lancaster), Lancaster University in Electronic Systems Engineering.
Electronics (LED Lighting)
Favourite part of the job:
Working on something new nearly every day and learning about new lighting technologies.

Dan's Typical Working Day

"Usually busy, changing from a single project to 3 or 4. If I'm starting a new project, there is research and planning involved and then the design of the product. I get involved in meetings with customers and get to experience first-hand, exactly what they need.

For each project, I study the LED datasheet completely. I look at the materials used on its lens, body package. Some LEDs are more sensitive to temperature than others, hence the personalised thermal management. Some LEDs can be driven harder than other LEDs if they have a certain copper area, due to the materials used on its package.

There is almost always a target light output, or power output. So, it is also part of the research to calculate electrical specifications for a project. Things like forward voltage, maximum/minimum driving current, maximum/minimum temperature, binning information, how to de-rate an LED taking into account its junction temperature, etc.

Planning for me means 70-80% of the job done. Things like positioning components, copper area for thermal dissipation, LED pitch/angle, safe creapage/clearances, mounting points are all mathematical calculations that will determine the outcome of the design of each product. It's also becoming more and more important how the product is going to look aesthetically. For example, the Citiled long strip for Lux Live was designed to show our ability to make long boards and the fact that they can be completely branded. However, how to mount the PCB wasn't important. Other companies, on the other hand, can be very specific about how they want their boards to look like and how to mount them on their fixtures."

Dan is currently working on....

"My work revolves around PCB design, which I love. Lately, I've been tasked to design circular boards for the best thermal performance possible, which is quite a nice challenge. Recent boards were designed for special customers that needed a replacement product of an already existing one, branded with their own logo. This is not the typical tracking, as each LED is positioned at a certain angle from the centre of the PCB. Also, branding PCBs with our customers' company logo is completely new to me, but interesting."

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