June 2019
We believe our 604 Series LED Panel Indicator is the smallest sealed LED panel mounting indicator in the world; and, where the 604 Series is concerned, good things come in small packages! Read more...
May 2019
The Marl 665 Series is our toughest LED Panel Lamp, a hard black anodised indicator, sealed to IP68 for tough, wet, and dirty environments including marine and industrial applications.
April 2019
Designed and manufactured in the UK, Marl’s LED Panel Indicators provide a durable and reliable communication equipment solution for all types of Defence applications; including ship, helicopter and plane equipment.
April 2019
Marl's 525 Series Panel Indicator LED features a standard industrial mounting size of Ø8.1mm (0.319”) and a high intensity, multi-coloured RGB LED element capable of achieving 25 different colour options in one LED.
March 2019
Marl’s 524 Series is a Ø8.1mm mounting panel indicator LED featuring a stainless steel housing, internal potting, and sealed to IP67, making this product suitable for high vibration and harsh environments, and external applications.
February 2019
Popular for use in theme park control panels, Marl’s UL Listed 690 Series is a robust and reliable panel indicator LED...
January 2019
The 508 Series is highly recommended for status panel indication in a variety of demanding professional and military related applications, including theme parks, marine, safety critical applications, and applications subject to harsh or hazardous environments. Read on for more details...
January 2019
Graham Round, VP of North America Sales, took a 4.5 week trip to the USA towards the end of 2018, where he met with new and existing Marl Representatives and Distributors. During this time Graham met with SDV Recon, one of Marl’s new US Distributors who specialise in supplying products to the Defence market within North America...