Colours under fluorescent D50 vs. colours under Yuji VTC D50Yuji’s D50 LEDs offer an ideal solution to applications where a consistent light source is required for viewing artwork, printed graphics, photographs and transparencies.

D50 is widely used as daylight simulation in industries where colour viewing, visual colour matching, colour proofing, and printing lighting is  required.

A consistent and standardised light source is of critical importance for professionals in the graphic arts and printing industries. The reason? Different lighting conditions can create different visual perceptions of the same object, leading to serious control issues when performing basic colour-based tasks such as proof viewing and colour matching.

Yuji D50 is consistent with daylight; whilst it is similar to 5000K, 5000K is a correlated colour temperature and D50 is an absolute chromacity point.

Yuji D50 is available in SMD form, as part of a flexistrip (ribbon), or on a PCB MOD board.

Click here for the D50 SMD Datasheet