Horticultural LED Lighting

YujiNourish FullSol Panel LED Grow Light

FullSol Panel

YUJILEDS®’s Fullsol panel LED growth light uses YUJILEDs’ latest high efficacy and full-spectrum white LED spectrum technologies, which covers the whole effective photosynthesis radiation requirements by most of the plants from 380 nm to 740 nm. Extremely uniform lighting is achieved by high LED density arrangement. This fixture meets the light requirements through the whole growth cycle from seeding to harvest, and it can be used in the most commercial horticulture lighting applications.

  • Up to 2.8 μmol/J high efficiency phosphor converted LED has been applied into this fixture
  • Two different spectral options which are full spectrum option and sunlight mimic option
  • Ideal for seedling to harvest growth
  • Reliable passive-cooling design, no additional cooling fans required
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YujiNourish Rich-in-Red LED Grow Light

FullSol Rich-in-Red

YUJILEDS®’s rich in red linear LED growth light is designed for plant growth in indoor farming and any other commercial horticulture application. The light source of this fixture is composed of two different LEDs. One LED is utilized YUJI’s own phosphor-converted white technology, which has full spectral characteristics and ultra-high spectral stability. The other one is red light LED. YUJI provide two options for red LED which are phosphor-converted red with broad spectral span and high efficiency red LED chip with pure red spectrum.

  • Design with super high efficacy white LED by YUJI’s own phosphor recipes
  • Available of different CCT white, and two options for red light
  • All aluminum body, well heat dissipation, no corrosion module design
  • Adjustable lighting distance between each LED bar
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