At first glance, LED flexible strip lights are everywhere; a quick internet search returns pages of cheap flexistrips competing for attention.  So, what’s so special about ours?

MARL is the exclusive UK distributor of Yuji LEDs and we find plenty special about Yuji Flexistrips.

At MARL we do not believe in the false economies and corner-cutting of a race to the bottom.  As such the Yuji range of Flexistrips comes at a little more of a premium but offers a lot more in return:


Typical flexistrip

Yuji Flexistrip


CRI unspecified or 80-90

CRI 95+

More vibrant and accurate colour rendering of objects

Standard, lowest-cost LEDs

High quality Yuji SMD LEDs

More consistent colour temperature / shade output and reliability

Standard, lowest-cost components

Precision SMT resistors and enhanced copper traces

Consistent brightness, better power efficiency and more reliability

No-name adhesive

3M® Adhesive backing

Better adhesion on linear and curved surfaces

Basic materials and construction

High quality materials, optional IP65 and IP67 versions

Robust, long lasting and optional waterproofing

Flexistrip illuminated in blue

High CRI, high quality lighting is ideal for commercial applications such as supermarkets, film and photo studios, art galleries and many more, where vibrant and accurate colour rendering has clear benefits in making produce more appealing and showing works of art as they were intended.

Several variations are available including hybrid strips that include different colour temperatures of white in one strip, RGBW versions that add colour to the same strip, dimmable versions, daylight simulation, waterproof, different densities and more.

For more information see the full flexistrip range or get in touch.

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